August 31 - Modified Eye P.A. to scan all channels

We modified Eye P.A. packet capture to change channels every 300 msec and scan all supported channels. This produced a packet capture that contained ALL the networks and clients in the WiFi environment.

After walking around the office using the modified Eye P.A. I decided to skip the DFS channels as there is very little activity in that band and it is a lot of channels, so our packet counter would appear to hang for about 10 seconds as it went through the DFS channels. With the DFS Skip modification the packet counter is pretty steady now.

We produced MetaGeek Network Report #1 for Rich (MetaGeek’s IT admin) using Thursday’s scan. This showed two of our APs are on channel 149 - Lobby and Cafe. These two APs are physically fairly close together with an elevator shaft in the middle… recommended moving one of the APs to channel 36, which isn’t used by MetaGeek at all. Tried to recommend channel strategy that would allow 40 MHz channels without overlapping… may need some channel overlap at different ends of the building.

Rich had good feedback on Report #1. We made MetaGeek Network Report #2 from Friday afternoon’s data. Changed airtime from just a number to showing a sparkline bar chart to visually show the channels that are really active. Bar chart shows my network airtime and then all networks airtime on the channel, so that it is easier to see if the activity is yours or someone else’s.