Hero is now available for early access!

inSSIDer Hero is now ready for a wider audience than just MetaGeek employees. This early version is targeted mostly at smaller networks and the “IT by default” person at remote offices. In the future, inSSIDer Hero will show more client and access point details for Wi-Fi experts.

The list of compatible Wi-Fi adapters (for packet capture) is in this post:

inSSIDer Hero requires log in with your my.metageek.com username and password. If you don’t have an account yet, you may link your Eye P.A. purchase to my.metageek.com by registering with the same email address that you used to register Eye P.A.


If you already have a my.metageek.com account, download inSSIDer Hero now!

This is an early access version, and automatically sends anonymous usage statistics, which help us understand how the application is used and what could be improved.

I get the message “Sorry, you are not authorized to run this product”.

Whoops! I forgot to mention that it is set to authorize anyone with current MetaCare for Chanalyzer or Eye P.A. or a current inSSIDer Plus subscription. Do you already own any MetaGeek products?

That makes it clear. I don’t own any MetaGeek products. I just use the free Insider.

Any chance that users that have inssider office can try the product?