Ideas for likely cause in drops

We have been having drops at a site and on running inSSIDer we have noticed drops/negative spikes in the radio signal. Has anyone ideas on what may cause these ‘regular’ drops?

The blue line is a UniFi AC Pro - 2.4Ghz radio. Other pink/purple lines are additional UniFi AC Pro broadcasting the same SSID. Each 2.4Ghz is on a set channel 1, 6 and 11. The green lines are the 5Ghz signal from each of the same AP’s.

Thanks T

Hi tom2,

This is somewhat similar to this previous thread here. Oftentimes, APs will deliberately send misleading 2.4 GHz beacons to encourage 5 GHz capable devices to latch on the the 5 GHz band, which as you know, is typically faster. That would be my guess as to what’s happening here!