inSSIDer Agent has a new look (v 0.0.30)

inSSIDer Agent has a new look! The data is cleaner and hopefully easier to read at a glance.

Actually like this app… find it quite useful…
Not sure if this is out of the scope of this project, but it would be useful if it could tell the difference between a public and private network, and if its going over a metered connection , and a running total of what is being used for data (aka Activity status similar to the connection property box with totals of sent/received )
Reminds me a bit of a lighter version of the windows network statistics box with one click access to Wi-Fi/network status which isn’t obvious in current versions of windows… Seems to be particularly useful when roaming over Xfinity hotspots…
Does this app keep a diagnostic log of connections?

@jolt Thanks for the feedback and suggestions! The app isn’t logging any history yet, and that is something on the roadmap of possibilities that we have discussed.
inSSIDer Agent can differentiate different SSIDs, so it could log totals for each network, which would accomplish the basics for tracking metered data usage.