inSSIDer clear stale data

Love inSSIDer and use it almost daily but there is one feature missing and it should be an easy one: the ability to clear all data and rescan.

I use mainly inSSIDer to troubleshoot access points (work for a manufacturer) and I change the configuration of these access points frequently but the data doesn’t seem to refresh or it takes forever. I usually have to close and restart inSSIDer, every 5 minutes when I’m doing testing to get “fresh” data.

Would it be possible to add an option in the File menu to clear all data?

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@dave.michaud I’m so glad that you love inSSIDer! We will look into the data not refreshing and/or a clear option.
What configuration parameters do you frequently change? Thanks!

Typically I change SSID, channel, channel bandwidth, encryption, 11r, qbss load IE, basic rates and country code