September 10 - Packet capture on all channels is awesome!

I did some captures during my travel to Portland and I really think the "ALL" channels option in Eye P.A. is awesome for getting a quick overview of the WiFi environment… I think we should release this feature.

We finished two reports for MetaGeek from September 6 and from September 10th. This is our first set of reports that begins to highlight changes. On the Network overview page client increase/decrease is shown with up/down arrows and changes in channel are shown with a wrench. On individual AP reports, clients that moved to a different AP are shown with a quot;walking person" icon, and new clients are shown with a +.

And we ran into issues with printing (and saving to PDF) of any “emoji” type icons. We ended up editing the PDF and adding font awesome icons where the empty rectangles were printed. Then we found icons that will print so that we don’t have to keep editing PDFs! We had to replace “walking man” and “wrench” with b/w icons, not colorized emojis.

Now that we are getting some historical context for the MetaGeek network we have also begun tracking clients between scans, to show which AP they connect to and airtime used. Some of the clients show up on multiple APs in a single scan; for now I have ignored that and just shown them once per scan… we may need to show multiple AP connections per client. I had a column showing which band the client used, but all of our clients are on 5 GHz, so it seemed redundant. If there were 2.4 GHz clients it would be useful to highlight this.