September 13 - Switching to 2x2 packet capture

Yesterday was a busy day! We discussed combining the two captures (all channels and specific channel) into a single capture and that we can probably build a report from a couple Packets table copy/paste into Excel to calculate the information we need, which saves us a lot of steps in filtering each channel and then copy/pasting the Active Selection information for that channel.

We also decided that we were at a good point to start building a custom data collector rather than using a modified Eye P.A. We began designing the collector application and a quick sketch of the overall system.

DESIGN THOUGHT The client app will be focused on collecting the data with easy walk-through instructions. It will (eventually) show airtime by channel and some other real-time information during the scans. The pcap data will be sent to the cloud for analysis for suggestions and historical trends/changes. This will keep the client app very lightweight with all of the heavy lifting in the cloud. This will also give us access to the pcap files for more manual analysis during the early stages of the process.

HARDWARE We have been using the large Alfa AWUS1900 for our scans, but it is fairly expensive ($60) and large. Given that we have been selling the Linksys WUSB6300 we want to make sure that will work for our scans and reports. The Alfa is 3x3, so it hears all the data packets, but the Linksys is only 2x2, so it misses all 3-spatial stream packets. Using some spreadsheet foo we are able to calculate "inferred air time" from missing QoS Data packets, so we think the 2x2 Linksys WUSB6300 will be fine for Hero.