September 2 - Should we infer airtime of missing Data packets?

Beginning a report for our downstairs neighbors. I just sat in the Galley (our break room, which is directly above their office) and did a scan for a while without walking around… I was eating lunch :wink: It shows about half as many networks on each 2.4 GHz channel as if I walk the whole office…

DESIGN THOUGHT - I think we need a full scan of all channels at each AP. Maybe have user stand under/next to AP while we do a full scan. This gives us perspective at each AP and allows us to mark a location.

DESIGN THOUGHT - We are missing a LOT of high rate data packets from Red Sky… and most of their traffic appears to be 40 MHz or wider. I don’t think Eye P.A. infers airtime from missing Data packets so our Airtime measurements are inaccurate.