September 21 - Added icons to report

It’s been a full week! We were able to get the new Hero collector app out for dogfooding. So far, Brian, Peter, and Lael have done scans of their home WiFi environment. We had a weird crash happening early in the week that took a while to track down in the Windows I/O stuff… It seems to be working great now.

Vanessa is working on adding provisioning to the collector app in preparation of sending it to people outside of MetaGeek. I have been working on automating the report creation using Excel. The reports now have some Font Awesome icons, and the suggestions are mostly automated where you just have to "X" next to the suggestion you want to add. While figuring out how to add more historical context to the Excel files I have redesigned the basic report in my head, so next step is to create a fake report with the new design and see if people like it better.