September 6 - Copied Eye P.A. Packets Table into Excel

WiFi Pros doesn’t have an answer for 0-Duration CTS; it doesn’t seem like this is normal. We show it in captures from Mac OS and Eye P.A. so it’s not just an Eye P.A. issue. It might be a Ubiquiti issue.

Finished Business Neigbhor Report #1! This adds spatial streams and channel width charts. We also switched to a brief overview report and then detailed access point reports. Each access point report is based on a 30-second capture of ALL channels from the AP location and a 1-minute capture of the APs 5 GHz channel. We did all captures as close to the AP location as possible in order to capture the QoS Data packets. All captures were created with the ALFA AWUS1900 adapter, which has 3x3 spatial streams.

With the modifications to Eye P.A. to copy the Packets table to Excel it is quick to calculate all packet counts by data rates for each client, which we used to determine how many spatial streams each client is using.