Unable to register channelizer or eye p.a

I recently re-installed all meta geek software after an OS re-install. When I go to enter my key (after deactivating the old install) the red outline on the field goes away. same for first name, but last name stays red even after moving onto company. I can then not submit the registration.

Hi @w1f1n00b. I’m sorry the registration isn’t working for you. Is this in Chanalyzer or Eye P.A. and which version are you using? I have attached the login screen for Eye P.A. 2.3.x. The field after “Name” is “Email” and requires something that looks like an email with an “@” sign in the middle, so even something like “a@b” will be accepted.

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Wow! Sorry for wasting everyone’s time. Apparently I can’t ready. Thanks for putting me back on track gently :slight_smile: