Any plans to allow Eye-PA to show realtime captures?

This is the one thing I miss about AirPCAP is seeing the packet captures in real time. Even something similar to the PA in inSSIDer would be a cool feature.

Hey @jecos! I’m not sure if you’ve seen inSSIDer 5 with a MetaGeek Plus Pro subscription, but it has some pretty great live packet analytics features. We plan to work on this a lot more in the future. Keep an eye on our website for updates and announcements!

Thank you Joel. I saw another thread that was similar to mine, right after I posted my question. I checked my pro inSSIDer account and that is what I was thinking about when I asked my question. Good to hear you’re working on more toys, er, features.
If multiple channels are present on the ESSID, does the PCAP capture all traffic or is it just restricted to one channel?

Hey Jecos! If you have two adapters, one will channel-hop to keep an eye on the other channels, and one will stay tuned to the current channel (if you’re looking at a BSS or Client).

And yes… more toys/features are coming soon. :wink:


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