Announcing inSSIDer 5.3.0!

For all those with MetaGeek Plus subscriptions, inSSIDer just got better!

You no longer have to manually “Run as Administrator” for packet capture adapters to be recognized. inSSIDer can now start itself in Administrator Mode, just select “Always Start as Admin” under the File Menu.

For MG+ Pro subscribers the ability to save the last two minutes of packets to a .pcap file is still there and very useful. You ALSO can now start and stop a .pcap packet capture of any length. This is very useful in combination with Eye P.A. for deeper packet analysis and troubleshooting. Just open inSSIDer, drill down to the access point or client you are analyzing and click “Start Capture,” capture the desired event (the Frame Type table is helpful to see what packet types are captured), click “Stop Capture” and the .pcap file will be automatically opened in Eye P.A. if it’s installed.

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