Welcome to inSSIDer 5!

inSSIDer 5 introduces packet scanning capabilities, which requires the following:

  • inSSIDer to be ran as Admin
  • Compatible packet capture adapter (full list can be found here)
  • A subscription to MetaGeek Plus or Pro

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to post here!

inSSIDer now shows you exactly which networks and BSSIDs have never been seen before at a site. This makes identifying rogue devices a breeze. It also keeps you informed of how your network landscape is changing over time so you can reassess your network’s channel plan or enable high density settings on your cloud controller.

To see how you can get rollin’ with detecting new networks in your environment, check out the video walkthrough below.

Also new in inSSIDer 5.0.41:

  • Improved packet capture performance
  • Improved utilization calculation
  • Radio over-time signal strengths are now color coded
  • Restart as an admin by selecting your avatar and selecting that option

In the network view, it was previously a column for the channel utilization. Can you please include it again in inSSIDer 5?

BR/ Johan Loberg