Black Lives Matter

As a company, we don’t usually comment on political issues unless they are WiFi industry-specific. This is different. It isn’t a partisan issue; it’s a societal and human rights issue. As a company, MetaGeek is navigating the space between:

1) Shutting up and listening

We don’t want to perform allyship just to score “woke” points. We are committed to earnestly listening to, learning from, and amplifying, marginalized voices.

but also…

2) Not staying silent

We are definitely not experts on anti-racism and social justice (there are sooo many people that are though, and you should read their work). Staying silent about things that matter is how harmful status quos are perpetuated.

“Wait a minute MetaGeek, don’t you just make WiFi tools? Stay in your lane.” 

Sure, MetaGeek makes Wi-Fi diagnostic tools, and our main business isn’t currently in the arena of social justice. However, we believe that we as a brand (and all brands, by the way) have a responsibility to let our customers know where we stand on issues like these, regardless of our industry. This is because we want our customers, our users, and the wider community to feel safe in our spaces, and to know that we stand against racism (in both the form of individual prejudice and the form of institutional inequality based on race.)

There are a lot of ways to show up for social change. Donate money, attend events, vote, educate. Just do something. And keep on learning. We have a lot of learning to do, and we’re committed to sharing resources on social justice and the anti-racism work that must be done to create an equitable America (and world). Look for upcoming posts in the MetaGeek Community highlighting what to read, watch, and listen to if you want to learn alongside us. 

We’re not experts in anti-racism, but you don’t have to be an expert to know when something needs to change, and when something is worth fighting for. So here we are. 

Black Lives Matter.

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