Can't edit "Model" in SUMMARY pane

I inadvertently created an entry in the “Model” field of the SUMMARY pane that is too long. The little “Pencil” edit icon is off the screen to the right and I can’t access it. This is on the Clients->Local Network display page.

InSSIDer Screen Shot

Anyone have an idea (short of uninstalling/reinstalling the InSSIDer application) for how! to edit this name?

Hi art.kelly,

Alias data is typically stored in an editable file called AccessPointMetaData , which is located here:

C:// > Users > YourName > AppData > Local > MetaGeek

Are you able to find this file and open it with a text editor and trim the name of that particular model or rename it there?

Perfect! Thanks. I like verbose titles, but got carried away.