Column resizing

Why can the RADIO column not be resized beyond a certain length? If the AP is name is too long, you can’t see which AP you’re currently connected to. Additionally, you can’t access the EDIT button to rename the AP to a shorter length.

@cdeacon I’ll look into this… expect a fix by Wednesday.

@cdeacon Thanks for pointing out this issue!

Here is current behavior with the really long name being cut off.
Cut off Radio Name

Here is new behavior with really long name being wrapped.
Wrapped radio name

This new behavior should be released later today.

Thanks very much for the quick turnaround!

This fix has been released in inSSIDer 5.1.16, along with the ability for MetaGeek Plus Pro subscribers to export the last two minutes of packet activity to a pcap file.

Announcement Post:
Export to Pcap with inSSIDer 5.1.16!


I think this problem might have reoccurred. I am having version
I am seeing the same behavior.

I tweaked the column size recently so I’ll double check that all potentially long fields are set to wrap so that this doesn’t happen again.