Continuous TX Interference on channel 60. 5ghz

Hi, We are seeing interference on channel 60 across our campus.

I have attached what we are seeing on the Wireless Controllers Clean Air and the results of Chanalyzer pulled directly from one of the effected AP’s.

We have turned off channel 60 and 64 as a result to avoid the interference. I am running out of ideas of what this could be?

Can anyone help?


Have you been able to determine if this is occuring from within your environment or if it is a strong external interference? For example, do you see the same interference when outside of your building?

If it’s internal, then you should be able to perform “radio-orienteering” to find the source using the directional antenna from Chanalyzer. If it’s external then similar process could apply but the likelihood of being able to fix it is much slimmer.


Channels 56, 60 and 64 seem completely clean in this picture. Were you experiencing a bad performance when using these channels?