Do you recommend Auto-Channel selection on some routers or APs?

Short answer, no.

Long answer, I don’t recommend auto-channel selection and most experts in the WiFi industry would agree. Simply put, most APs or routers are not smart enough to really distinguish the best channel at this point in technology (some don’t have spectrum sniffing capabilities at all). APs set to auto-channel selection can also constantly switch channels back and forth which can cause unnecessary dropouts and confusion from client devices.

The best WiF deployments use static channel assignments, where the network admin simply monitors channel activity and spectrum on a daily or weekly basis to see if an AP or router needs to have its channel changed. If a new, neighboring network shows up, or some sort of non-WiFi device starts barking on the same channel as yours, then it might be a good idea to switch to better, more unused channel. This article talks a bit more about good channel planning.

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