Hackers Beware - inSSIDer

I have started using inSSIDer to view other SSID information in my area. I’ve notice strange behavior of other SSID’s in the analyzer view. If I manually change my wifi channel (ie. 1,6,7,9,10,11), several other SSID’s do the same to match my wifi channel. This behavior is repeated each and every time I have manually changed my wifi channel.

Thanks to inSSIDer I have some evidence of a possible hacker in my neighborhood. Now I need some help from the forum on stopping this hacker.

Hi @budrite58, if you use WPA2 or WPA3 security with a nice, long pass phrase (stringing together several words works great), you’ll be in good shape.

If your router gives you the option, select WPA2-AES. WPA2-TKIP, WPA-AES, and WPA-TKIP are slightly less secure. WEP is completely insecure - definetely do not use that.

As for neighbors being on the same channel - I don’t consider that to be a security threat. If you’re using good encryption (WPA2-AES or WPA3), then other SSID’s broadcasting on the same channel do not represent a security threat.

Also, double-check that your router isn’t broadcasting alternate or “virtual” SSID’s. Those are commonly used for things like guest networks. Technically, a single router can broadcast as many as 16 SSID’s off of one router radio! Repeaters can also generate extra SSID’s that will follow you around.

I hope that helps, thanks!

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Hi Joel,

I have already applied all the standard recommendations to protect wifi network. It looks like someone on my block is a lot more advanced when it comes to wifi security.

If, you take a look at the attached image it will explain what I mean. You can see my SSID (ZONE777) and numerous other SSID’s on same channel. This occurs every time I manually change my wifi channel. It appears that I am being followed (lol), as if there was another device in bridge mode to my router. I don’t think there is a software bug because I have seen the same activity using other wifi analyzers.

It may sound strange but the bridge method can be seen all over youtube. Hackers have gotten more advanced!

Thanks for your insight.

Ron Page

Hi Ron,

Thanks for the screenshot. What make and model router do you have?

Xfinity Wireless Gateway

Cisco DPC3941T | Model number: DPC3941T

I’ve had this Gateway for a few years. During the pandemic, while WFH, I started having some strange things happen on my home network. I finally got around to trying third party wifi analyzer, since Comcast does not have advance tech support. That’s when I became aware of MAC address 94:E9:79:0B:33:BB switch to my wifi channel whenever I changed it. After a few months some other MAC addresses started the same behavior. I am not able to resolve any of these addresses via arp table.