Editorial: Wi-Fi industry will emerge stronger than ever from the corona crisis

From Claus Hetting at Wi-Fi NOW:

"First of all: Home Wi-Fi will of course be used more widely during daylight hours, driving up demand for better coverage and quality with whole-home mesh Wi-Fi as well as in some cases incentivising subscribers to upgrade their home Wi-Fi to higher speeds. We also believe demand for remotely managed and optimised home Wi-Fi will rise sharply – and that this is an opportunity for service providers and vendors working in this space.

This may in turn speed up the demand for new, higher-performance gateways and extenders, including those supporting Wi-Fi 6. All of this may in the end turn out to be a relatively short-term, knee-jerk reaction to the immediate crisis but once you’ve invested in great home Wi-Fi, there’s likely no turning back. We recommend that all parts of the Wi-Fi industry involved in delivering residential Wi-Fi solutions to have at it right now with new special deals, promotions, etc."