Survey shows home Wi-Fi needs, expectations altered post-pandemic

Sure, the title is a little obvious, but the results from a recent survey by Airties are pretty interesting. This was a survey of 1,525 respondents across the US, UK and Germany, and while some of the results are sobering (48% of Americans reported using their Wi-Fi for an additional 7-10+ hours per day during the pandemic), some of them, like the fact that 56% of respondents have spotty home Wi-Fi coverage are encouraging for those of us in the business of making Wi-Fi faster and better for end users.

Read the skim-friendly summary below, or get the full survey report here.

I suspect that one thing that could reduce interference for Wi-Fi users would be for the router manufacturers to NOT use any 2.4GHz channels except 1, 6, and 11. My neighborhood is full of mesh systems that do not honor the convention and it cannot be helping.