Happy World Wi-Fi Day! 🌍 📶


World Wi-Fi Day is a global initiative to help bridge the digital divide, and seeks to recognize and celebrate the significant role that Wi-Fi is playing in cities and communities around the world. Learn more about WWD here: http://worldwifiday.com/the-event/.

Celebrated each year on June 20, #worldwifiday aims “to connect the unconnected in urban and rural areas, in developing as well as developed countries around the globe.”

For #worldwifiday this year, we asked @metageek employees why they ❤️ WiFi. Here’s what they came up with:

🧠 “I love WiFi because it expands my world and allows me to easily learn new things.” –Cole, MetaGeek HR 

📶 “I love WiFi because it uses unlicensed RF and open standards.”  –Brian, MetaGeek CEO 

🏡 “I love WiFi because it allows me to access information from anywhere in my home.” –Rich, MetaGeek IT 

💡 “I love WiFi because it enables so many devices to be connected – everything from computers to lightbulbs!” –Ryan, MetaGeek founder 

🥣 “I love WiFi because I can work from the patio, pay bills while watching Netflix, look up recipes in the kitchen … all the things!” –Kelly, MetaGeek Sales 

😸 ”I love WiFi because it’s *wireless*! A wired connection will always get you more throughput, but the convenience is worth the half-duplex.”  –Lael, MetaGeek Marketing 

📍 ”I love WiFi because helps me stay connected with people who are far away” –Vanessa, MetaGeek engineering 

🧹 “I love WiFi because it’s wireless and creates a more clutter-free environment!” –Casey, MetaGeek Support

How are you celebrating #worldwifiday? Let us know in the comments!

Originally published at: https://blog.metageek.net/2020/06/happy-world-wi-fi-day-🌍-📶/