First production-quality Wi-Spy Air, and first look at RF data in Air Viewer

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Well, two VERY exciting things happened this week:

1) WE GOT OUR FIRST PRODUCTION UNIT and oh man, are we excited. (I mean, look at that grin on Adam’s face).

2) We got live spectrum data in Air Viewer! After getting the unit in-hand, we couldn’t wait to plug that sucker in and take a look at the sweet, sweet RF in the app. Check out the little “walking around the MetaGeek office” capture below (sped up about 1200%):

If you’ve already pre-ordered Wi-Spy Air, you’re probably interested in hearing how it’s coming along. We want to share it all with you! We’ll be posting frequent updates here on the MetaGeek Blog and the Wi-Spy Air product page.