Identifying the AP I'm connected to

Stupid N00B question:

How do I discover within the InSSIDer UI what AP my laptop is connected to? I know what SSID I’m on. We have 15 different APs broadcasting that SSID that I’m connected to.

How do I figure out WHICH specific AP I’m on in the group of APs listed within the UI?

Hi rbritton,
this is not stupid question when you have more than one APs.
Using the inSSIDer UI you can select your wifi net from list selecting the “binocul” simbol.
Then you see the list of your APs band.
Your are connected in the AP and band reporting the “chain” symbol as reported on my screenshot.
On that screenshot there is my net with 3 APs dual band.
The red circle show the AP/band where i’m connected.


Thank you, Massimo. Really appreciate you taking the time to respond! So helpful!