Inssider and zigbee


New here but I’ve read about 2.4GHz wifi and zigbee possibly interfering with each other.

I have a hidden network in the list inssider shows which is nearly as strong as my wifi. All other networks are about 20dB lower including my neighbour’s wifi which I can see. Inssider also shows that the signal strength varies quite a bit and that it has no security; it also shows a MAC address which makes me thing it wouldn’t be zigbee as I presume the standard is different enough that Inssider wouldn’t be able to capture anything from the network.

As a long shot as I can’t identify this network could this be the zigbee network for my smart utility meters showing up?

Thanks. Phil

Hi phil,

I don’t think that would be your ZigBee network… Do you happen to have a Chromecast or other streaming device on the network? As I discussed in this post here, there are many devices that deploy networks like what you’re seeing in order for them to be casted to, or interacted with in some way. Regardless, you should be able to find out where/what it is by playing hot/cold with the signal strength!

Let me know if this helps!

Thanks. I did in the end discover it was my chromecast when I was checking out all the devices on my network and my old smart TV which was no longer connected as I’d forgotten to connect it to my new router. Unplug chromecast and it went away.

Thanks for the link. I have disabled guest mode that I have no need for.