inSSIDer - Security Lock and Key Colors

I do not see it documented in the User Guide, but the lock and key colors in the Security column of inSSIDer seem to correspond to the following:

Green Closed Lock = WPA2 Personal
Green Key = WPA2 Enterprise
Orange Closed Lock = WPA Personal
Orange Key = WPA Enterprise
Yellow Open Lock = No security/WEP

If a network has more than one security type (WPA personal and WPA2 personal, for example) then the color will correspond to the lowest security protocol.

Are there other colors used besides the above?


Hi @naboznyk, welcome to the community and thank you for posting! This is a really helpful description of the security icons in inSSIDer, we’ll add it to the User’s Guide. No, at this point there aren’t any additional colors, and we ALSO use the green lock for WPA3 Personal and the green key for WPA3 Enterprise.

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