No Security icon on WPA2-Personal network

inSSIDer displays the No Security icon for my networks (both 2.4 and 5 GHz) while it should be WPA2-Personal, as it is configured on the router.

What could be the reason for this, and how can I fix it?

Hi dartal2,

Hmm, are you able to send over a .pcap of your environment under File > Export Summary to so that our team can take a closer look?

Can you also provide the make/model of WiFi adapter you are using? I mainly want to verify that it is compatible with that encryption type, as inSSIDer normally has no issue with WPA2:

Hi @casey,

I’ve sent you the .pcap file.
My Wi-Fi adapter is Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 (according to Device Manager).

Also, I figured out that if I select either Disabled or Required for the Protected Management Frames setting on the router, then inSSIDer displays No Security. But if I select Capable, then it displays WPA2 Personal.

Have the same optical icon problem with inSSIDer 5.4.0
Adapter is Intel WiFi-6 AX200
Router is Asus ZenWifi -6 AX6600 XT8 AiMesh

When Protected Management Frames are Required, optical icon is yellow NoSecurity
From router, security sends WPA2 (PSK(SHA256))

When Protected Management Frames are Capable or Disabled, optical icon is green WPA2 Personal
From router, security sends WPA2 (PSK)

The problem is, I have 2 units AiMesh and with Capable or Disabled
then the AiMesh is instable and loses sometimes the connection

The option Required makes yellow NoSecurity, but this only a optical error
Please, inSSIDer technican, let the WPA2 (PSK(SHA256)) also shine as green
I think, thats correctable in the program with next version (hopefully)

Thaks in advance

Hi dartal2 and Ludwig60,

We have confirmed this bug and are currently working on a fix. Internally, the ticket is labelled INSSID-503. Stay tuned!

Have the problem, that two channels will display inSSIDer yellow no security icon
So enclosed screen of WiFi-Scanner to help you find the programm problem
You see the two channels will have authority WPA2-PSK-SHA256
Hope this info helps Ludwig