inSSIDer Version 5.3.6 installation Stuck

I’m at 5.3.2 and had been stuck installing 5.3.3. Now I notice i’m stuck on installing 5.3.6. I have inSSIDer Plus on Windows 10 Pro.


Hi @tjbecker1, welcome to the MetaGeek Community! Sorry your first post is regarding a stuck inSSIDer update. You can quit an restart the app if it gets stuck updating, it won’t have any adverse affect. If it is still stuck, you might be better off just downloading the latest build from the website. Sorry about the trouble.

I restarted it and 5.3.6 installed ok. But Windows Defender said the app wanted to change some firewall rules. I didn’t allow it. Whey would it be changing firewall rules?

inSSIDer pings IP addresses on the local subnet to detect devices on your network.