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Hello all,

Since I am license for Plus does this give me the ability to use the Technician Android app? If not can I pay separately for this, as it would be immensely helpful to have an Android app that allows me to walk around my home and get performance info for my WiFi.


Hi Steve,

inSSIDer Technician is a purpose-built product for technicians and installers on ISP teams who need to send their reports to their company’s centralized database. Unfortunately it is not available on a consumer-level.

Since Google and Apple place WiFi scanning restrictions on their mobile devices, you must use an external piece of hardware for mobile WiFi scanning. This is why we released Wi-Spy Air here and the Air Viewer app which runs on iOS and Android devices. I recommend watching this video where we take room-by-room Snapshots using Wi-Spy Air and a mobile device.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Hi Steve, welcome to the MetaGeek Community and thank you for subscribing to MetaGeek Plus! Your suggestion is excellent. I, too, would very much prefer to use my mobile device to do snapshots of WiFi performance.

InSSIDer Technician was the first platform where we started to build out a cloud-connected WiFi monitoring solution. Since then, we have developed a better understanding of what the backend of that system needs to look like in MetaGeek Plus. Sadly, the InSSIDer Technician app doesn’t use the new MetaGeek Plus APIs, and it doesn’t share any code with any of the other Android apps we’ve published through the years.

While Casey is correct that recent Android releases have limited the WiFi scanning capability, I still believe it is quite sufficient for a home WiFi assessment. One of our top priorities for the MetaGeek Plus platform is to re-introduce a mobile app. Right now I don’t have a timeline for when we can get that done.

In the meantime, I recommend you check out Ubiquiti Networks’ WiFiMan.



Thanks for responding. I am very interested in seeing an app developed. Please have someone keep me in the loop, as this development goes on. I am a network engineer, so I can give great feedback.




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Thank you, Steve, I’ll definitely keep in touch.