WiFi Troubleshooting & Optimization

I have alot of people asking me to fix their WiFi issues. I currently have Inssider but was wondering what other Metageek products I should be using to troubleshoot WiFi issues. Thank you all.

Hi Ravelle,

Thanks for using inSSIDer, that makes all of us at MetaGeek VERY happy!

I’ll give you an overview of our product set and highlight when they might each be most useful to you.

If you’re helping out friends, family and neighbors, MetaGeek Plus is just the ticket, especially if you add a USB WiFi adapter so you can see how the WiFi is being used.

MetaGeek Plus or Pro subscriptions greatly enhance the free version of inSSIDer by adding the ability to take snapshots and much more. For example, you can keep track of Neighbor Mary’s Kitchen and Uncle Steve’s Family room via snapshots. When you revisit those locations you’ll be able to determine what’s changed. We’ll point out new APs, signal strength over time, etc. More excitingly, if you add a packet capture adapter you’ll also add the ability for real time packet analytics, signal strength and utilization from the client perspective along with a real-time MCS Index, spatial streams, channel width and more!

If you’re administering WiFi as part of your job, our Pro Tools will have you ready for anything.

Chanalyzer is useful when deep dive spectrum analysis and/or spectrum recording is needed. Keep in mind that you will need a Wi-Spy DBx for Chanalyzer to be able to assess your WiFi environment, though. With Chanalyzer you really focus on spotting non-WiFi interference and tracking down the source of it.

Eye P.A. is a great layer 2 tool. It gives you a visual representation of air time utilization via multi-layer pie charts, and you can drill down to find the details of access points, beacons, clients, etc. Identify and fix common WiFi configuration issues, channel saturation, legacy data rates and sub-optimal security. We recommend these packet capture adapters for use with Eye P.A. And, if you love Wireshark you can export filtered data directly!

Lastly, and certainly, not least is the Wi-Spy Air! This is our handheld mobile tool. Once you download the Air Viewer app your iOS or Android will use the Wi-Spy Air’s onboard WiFi chipset and spectrum analyzer to give you a professional grade wireless tester. You’ll get both layer 1 and 2 WiFi information with the ability to sort by channel and network and dive into SSID and BSSID information. If and when a laptop is inconvenient this should be your tool of choice! Ships with all necessary cables, rechargeable batteries and a slick carry case.


I hope this might help you determine which tool may be your best choice to help your friends and family fix their WiFi during this very strange and crazy time. Please let us know if you have any questions we can answer or if you’d like to see the tools in action. We are available for demos via webinars.

Wishing you the best in WiFi,

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