Metacare expired for chanalyzer

I opened chanalyzer and red warning shows on top Warning Metacare expired but documentation said that I can use chanalyzer if I don’t have metacare but I don’t have access to new update. Ok I want to use the version that works with my key. but when I open chanalyzer Wi-Spy os grey and can’t make chanalyzer works.
Could you help?

Hi Veaceslav,

Sorry to hear about the troubles! Can you uninstall and reinstall using 5.14 here and let me know if that helps?

If not, does the Wi-Spy show up in Device Manager?

Here are the steps to check:

  1. Open the Device Manager by clicking on the Start button, typing Device Manager, and pressing enter.
  2. In the Device Manager, find the Human Interface Devices group, and expand it.
  3. The Wi-Spy will be listed as an HID-compliant device in the list. Try plugging in the Wi-Spy and see if an HID-compliant device appears or disappears when you unplug the Wi-Spy.

If you have a Wi-Spy DBx, could you possibly try using a different Mini-USB cable?

Let me know if this helps!

I 'm good casey.
Thank you