MetaCare software maintenance plan for Chanalyzer and Eye P.A

A place to post questions regarding MetaCare software maintenance for Chanalyzer and Eye P.A.

Hi, My Chanalyzer is saying that my MetaCare is expired, but when I click on “renew” it takes me to your main page where I can download InSSIDer. I can only find info on MetaGeek Plus. Is MetaCare not a thing anylonger?

Also, my Chanalzyer is now crashing very often. What’s my best remedy?

Hi Jason! Thank you for your business and for joining us here on the community. I’m sorry we goofed up the link to renew MetaCare, and yes, MetaCare is still a thing. You can renew it using your MetaGeek account.

I’m sorry to hear about Chanalyzer crashing frequently for you. We are working on some updates to Chanalyzer, and hopefully that will help. In the meantime, you can try disabling Wi-Fi scanning. The way Wi-Fi data gets recorded in Chanalyzer is pretty memory intensive, especially in an environment with lots of networks. Chanalyzer is ALWAYS recording to a scratch file, so you can pause, rewind, etc. Unfortunately, right now, disabling Wi-Fi scanning is the only way to exclude Wi-Fi data from those recordings. To disable scanning, select “No Wi-Fi Scanning” from the Wi-Fi menu.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll try that this afternoon.

I found the MetaCare link under my Licenses within Manage Key. I didn’t realize it was buried in there.

Thank you