New installation of inSSIDer 5.5.0 not finding any networks

Just installed the new InSSIDer on my HP running WIN11. I’m running an order version on a WIN10 machine. It starts and shows that it’s scanning, but it’s never getting beyond that. The little message at the bottom changes quickly after a short period, but the program just continues to scan. My wireless card in the computer is a Realtek RTL8852AE. No errors, it just appears to not be able to complete the scan. I’ve rebooted once, no change. Suggestions.

Hi mds2u,

Hmm, if you’ve confirmed that your Wi-Fi adapter is turned on and functioning, and isn’t being used by any other applications, I recommend grabbing an external Wi-Fi adapter, such as the Edimax EW-7833UAC AC1750 here since it supports 3x3 spatial streams.

inSSIDer 5.5.0 on the histogram shows that the network occupies a double lane, but it really occupies a single lane. For example, look at the figure of the GALA network and PWRT_SDP_mb76:

  • in fact - channel 13
  • on the histogram - 13+9 channels;
    • PWRT_SDP_mb76
  • actually - 1 channel
  • on the histogram - 1+5 channels.

Please fix this error.