One PC, multiple USB Network devices

I had setup inSSIDer with MetaGeek Plus using the inbuilt network card of my laptop and the recommended Archer T9UH USB adapter. The software indicated that the Retry rate from the inbuilt adapter was rather high, so I ordered another Archer T9UH and installed it. If I try to operate with the inbuilt adapter disabled and the two T9UH adapters installed, then my laptop runs using one of the T9UH adapters and the other one resists all attempts to enable it. Then when I run inSSIDer with MetaGeek Plus, both adapters are enabled for packets and my Internet connection is lost. I’m assuming that one of the T9UH adapters should be operating in scan mode to simultaneously give me access to the Internet. Is there a way to fix this?

Hi rover53,

After investigating this further, it does not appear that inSSIDer has the logic to dedicate one compatible adapter to packets and another compatible adapter to WiFi scanning. They both get dedicated to packets.

I will be sure to pass this along to our product owner if you feel it would be helpful for inSSIDer to make this distinction between two compatible adapters.

I do think it would be helpful for inSSIDer to make this distinction. It sounds pretty basic.

@rover53 This is an interesting scenario. The packet capture drivers that inSSIDer uses swap out the original driver for the packet capture driver of ALL supported adapters. I’ll investigate if there is a way to choose which adapters are used for packet capture.


I had the same issue when using 2 USB Comfast and AC1750 and also some times if the pc is using a realtek chipset for the wifi

I have found Intel for scanning and AC1750 for packet seems to work.