Removing a room/location

In trialling the app I have in advertantly added a room that was incorrectly named. I added another room to reflect the correct one however am trying to work out how to remove the first one added.

In the cloud following a scan; the label for this room can be renamed but I can’t see anything to remove/rename rooms that have been added or no longer required.

Your assistance appreciated.


Hi user53,

If you send us the name of the room you’d like removed our team can remove it from our side! Feel free to reply to this thread or email with the room name.

Thankyou for the reply.

Please remove the entry that is labeled as “Bed 4”.


G’day Casey, I’ve sent a message through to Issues still remain. I’ve provided further details in relation to troubleshooting.

Cheers Marcel

Thank you Marcel! I responded to your support request and we have deleted that extra room

Thanks Vanessa. Greatly appreciated!!