Thoughts on snapshots

I like the idea behind this product as it is and I think that there is a huge potential here.

I am currently testing this solution in warehouses. Given the COVID-19 restrictions, I am unable to visit sites directly and have to rely on individuals who are not wifi experts. I would like to see a feature added to snapshots where you can not only name the room that you are in but optionally mark the position on a map. In warehouses, we don’t have any concept of “rooms”, just position data. So if a team member names the snapshot “aisle 31” and that aisle is 150 feet long, they can also mark the position so that I can get a general idea of where they were at when they made the snapshot.

A few other things:

  • How about adding the ability to upload inssider packet captures directly to the cloud.
  • Export Client data to the cloud as a snapshot. Such as SNR. retry rates, utilization, etc. For instance, if the client is failing in one particular area, you can not only upload the packet capture but the client snapshot as well.
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Welcome to the MetaGeek Community @lromigh, and thank you for posting! We’re really glad to read that you like the product, thank you so much for letting us know. Thank you also for the feedback you shared. Using location data for snapshots, and integrating with floor plans is on our roadmap and definitely a high priority. We have made some major updates to our snapshot implementation recently to clear the way for sending client data in snapshots, so that should be coming soon. We’re also playing around with some ideas for sending raw .pcap and .wsx (Wi-Spy recording data) to the cloud. Thanks for your support, and keep that feedback coming!

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That’s great news Brian! Thank you so much for responding, and I appreciate the update!