Coming Soon - Snapshots in inSSIDer Plus

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Have you ever looked at inSSIDer or Chanalyzer and wondered which networks are new? Do you ever run a throughput test and then wish you had a record of past throughput tests at this location to compare it to? If your WiFi worked yesterday and is struggling today, do you know what’s changed?

Getting answers to these questions is why we are adding site awareness and snapshots to inSSIDer Plus (coming soon). After inSSIDer Plus has done an initial WiFi scan it will query the MetaGeek cloud to determine what site it is at and get a list of all previously seen access points, allowing inSSIDer Plus to highlight any new access points in your WiFi environment.

Snapshot button in inSSIDer Plus

Click the “snapshot” button, pick the room you are in, and inSSIDer Plus will record information about the WiFi environment of that room, such as:

  • Channel utilization
  • Client count of your access points
  • Signal strength of your access points

As you walk around your network inSSIDer Plus will build an internal map of your network topology and configuration to compare against previous (or future) snapshots.

For more detailed analysis and comparison my.metageek will show you historical comparisons by site and even by room, giving you insight into trends and changes in your WiFi environment.

If you work on a team, snapshots from all team members will be aggregated together to provide a complete picture of each site no matter which team member goes to a site.

Will snapshots be useful to you? Let us know in the comments!