Announcing inSSIDer 5.1!

inSSIDer 5, the first application to ever combine Wi-Fi scanning with packet capture and RF spectrum analysis, is becoming even more powerful and awesome! Announcing inSSIDer 5.1 with All Clients View, Packet Transmission Details, and Enhanced Client Traffic Analytics.
Complete details are in the blog post: inSSIDer 5.1 Improves Real-Time Packet Analytics

I’ve got inSSIDer with MetaGeek Plus. My subscription is still current. Presumably minor updates are available to those currently subscribed. How can I update to 5.1?

inSSIDer checks for and updates automatically while it is running. If a new update is available, you should see a notice in the lower right of the app window that you can click to restart app and run new version. You may need to run inSSIDer for a minute or two for the download and update to occur before the notice displays. Also, the newest inSSIDer versions can be downloaded from the standard download link at