Wispy DBx after Firmware update: stick incompatible with former Chanalyzer versions

Dear community,

I bought a “wispy DBx +chanalyzer” bundle in ~2012, which I barely used during the years, mainly for antenna measurements in FPV flying. Chanalyzer V3.40 worked perfect so far.

A couple of days ago I thought it would be a good idea to go for an update, so I downloaded the latest Chanalyzer version. After shooting up the program (with wispy DBx connected) the S/W asked for a firmware upgrade of the stick, which I accepted… (damn! I shouldn’t have!!!).

Ever since then, I’m completely STUCK!:

  • Chanalyzer asks for a License Key, which I don’t have, as in 2012 this apparently did not yet exist.
  • the wispy DBx is no longer compatible with the “old” Chanalyzer V3.40, as it’s no longer recognized after program startup.

Two questions now:
Does anyone know where and how I could get a License Key?
Is a firmware downgrade possible? (Well, I wouldn’t guess so, as modern business conduct wouldn’t work out…) :frowning:

Any kind of help is highly appreciated, as I’m REALLY p-o now!
Thanks so much!