Zoom to lift 40-minute meeting limit on Thanksgiving for longer family hangouts

My “in-town but out-of-household” family is considering doing a curbside meal swap this year to remain physically distanced, and this news from Zoom is going to help extend our celebration.

Our tentative plan will be something like: everyone sign up for a dish (my household is making mashed potatoes, husband’s parents are making turkey, my mom is doing a vegetable dish, brother is making dessert, etc.) Portion your dish in to-go containers ahead of time, meet outside to do a curbside meal swap on Thanksgiving morning, then go to our respective homes and enjoy all the traditional foods made by our family members while doing a family Zoom chat.

What’s your family’s plan this Thanksgiving? Will it involve Zoom?

We’re doing a family Zoom call tonight (the night before Thanksgiving), and my sister is dropping off her famous Cinnamon rolls (Aka Cinna-nom-nom rolls) for breakfast tomorrow.

We’re also taking the opportunity to “take a break” from traditional Thanksgiving food… we’re going to do something completely different this year. Roti, Butter Chicken, and Saag Paneer! Don’t worry, turkey and mashed potatoes… we’ll be back next year.

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