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Is there something important I missed? For what I see till now Rampart doesn’t offer anything that other absolutely free (to download and to use) tools offre, even less.

I have more information / details / testing with tools like Fing or Wifiman (from Ubnt) without any license to pay.
This seems very very far away from your other products like Wi-Spy or Chanalyzer …

or - again and in this case please accept bmy apologizes - did I miss some important part?

Hi @ges.belgium :slight_smile:
Yes, Rampart Home has some similar features to Fing and Wifiman, and without a Rampart Home subscription, the Rampart Agent app also provides a lot of information without a license.

We are applying our 15 years of WiFi expertise to help people work, learn, teach, and socialize from home. Rampart Home isn’t designed for WiFi experts, it is designed for teachers and salespeople that are working from home and also have other household members working or schooling from home. This is a different goal than Fing and Wifiman, which will lead Rampart Home diverge more and more from those apps as it continues to mature.

Rampart Home will soon aggregate information from up to six members of a household to provide insights into bandwidth usage by person over time. We are also considering ways to Rampart Home to provide visibility into home networks for the family/friend tech support or company tech support to help troubleshoot and diagnose issues.

Hi, @ryan
Ok, thank you for clarifying. I’m looking for your ‘pro’ tools since a while, I bought long time ago an usb adapter + software from you but don’t use it anymore since it doesn’t support 5Ghz at all.

Till now it’s more an ‘itching desire’ than an absolute need because with unifi and Fing desktop/mobile tools I always have been able to do the job (including 5 stars hotel with over 75 A.P., playing when needed with the RSSI limits etc).

For the ‘cable’ part I bought a Navitek from Ideal Network because there is no software than can do what it does. The real aspect that makes that I buy or not a tool is the software licensing. If I can buy a device with no need for licence renewal and free updates then I’m much more entitled to do it, I spend $1000 or $2000 or even $4000 but only ONCE and then I can work for many many years (this what I do for example for Sat/Tererstrial spectrum analyzer).

I’ll continue to keep an eye on your products, who know one day…
Best regards