Rampart is Now Signifi

Exciting news!

We’re gonna keep this short and sweet, and we’ll let the blog post do the rest of the explaining. Rampart is getting a makeover with a new name (Signifi) and a new price (half the old price). Woohoo!

Rampart Home
The personal tier of our home Wi-Fi network troubleshooting product (formerly known as Rampart Home) is now Signifi Personal, and is half the price with all the same features. (Now’s the perfect time to give it a try if you haven’t yet).

Rampart for Business?
The product formally known as “Rampart Business” is currently in beta, and will be ready for release in just a few weeks. (If this is the first you’re hearing about the business tier and you support remote employee networks, you can get yourself on the beta list here.)

:point_down: Read the full announcement :point_down:

For more about the name change, the price change, and what that means for current subscribers of Signifi (formerly known as Rampart), read the announcement blog post below: