Always be charging: Can GuRu be the Wi-Fi of power?

Some of the hippest bleeding-edge technology nerds might know about this already, but I was Today Years Old when I learned about GuRu. It’s wireless charging that goes way, way beyond Qi charging mats and straight into the future (a future that I very much want to be part of so I stop having to charge my Apple Watch every single day).

Using a small, ceiling-mounted power generator (which could be concealed in overhead lighting fixtures or floor lamps), referred to as a “Gu,” or Generator Unit, those millimeter waves are “lensed” using electronic steering and timing to send a focused beam of energy to the “Ru,” or Receiver Unit, a chip-sized module that can be incorporated into the receiving device, such as a smartphone.

This article frames GuRu as the “Wi-Fi of power”, and the analogy holds up well enough. I also appreciate the nod to Nikola Tesla, a man way ahead of his time.

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