August Survey Results

Many of you responded to a survey about inSSIDer Hero last month. We sent a few variations of the survey based on your responses. The final survey used a “Max Diff” approach to determine the most and least desired features from a subset of all features. We also asked about team size and number of locations, which we used to group the responses. The following charts show the survey results for each customer group.

For Single Users with a Single Location, Suggestions is by far the most desirable feature. Other desirable features are: Highlight Changes, Airtime, and Network Topology Map.

For Single Users with Multiple Locations, Highlight Changes is also strongly desired and Client Details is added to the list of other desirable features.

The responses for Teams are similar to the above responses, but Suggestions drops way down in desirability.

Given these survey responses we are focusing our efforts on four primary features:

  1. Airtime
  2. Suggestions
  3. Highlight Changes
  4. Network Topology Map