Link Score Location

I’m new. The Link Score sounds useful. Where do I find it?

Hi lizlowell,

We had to remove some features in inSSIDer 5 such as Link Score and channel recommendations in order to use the new “backend” of inSSIDer that utilizes live packet capture, as described in this video. While we plan to bring back some of these features, we haven’t made a decision on Link Score yet. Can you provide some more detail on why the Link Score sounds useful for you so that I can pass it along to our product owner?

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Thanks for your reply. I was looking at Link Score after finding it in a Google search. The possibility of getting composite information about Wi-Fi information and RF activity appealed to me. I’m a newcomer to inSSIDer, so that seemed a quick way to get quick useful information for me. Thanks, too, for the video link. I’ll appreciate your sending my thoughts to the big boss!