Would this be a cool inSSIDer feature?

Just had a thought, and was wondering what your feelings toward it are?

I personally would like to be able to click on the channel


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As I’ve also tried to click here, seems like it would be an intuitive way to quickly get to the info you’re looking for. No idea how much dev work this would entail, so I imagine it’s a ROI question for dev.

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@w1f1n00b @23tcpipdhcp This is an interesting idea! Are you suggesting that clicking on any network in the graph would take you to that channel? Or to that network? What would be your ideal user experience with this feature? Thanks!

I haven’t spent too much time thinking about it, but launching inSSIDer and brainstorming, I’d think it would be nice to have the channel numbers at the bottom be interactive. when clicking a specific channel, it could highlight the corresponding networks in the network list. When clicking inside the RSSI bar/graph it could also highlight just that corresponding network in the list and switch to displaying that network name on the graph (due to thin line size and active/moving nature of the graph it would be best to include all negative space inside the graph for that network as the “button”. not sure if this would be feasible programatically. ) Double clicking could take you to that networks details view.


I agree with @w1f1n00b

I use inSSIDer a lot and I wonder if it would be useful to be able to click on the SSID you want to drill into even more… Or maybe being able to view particular channels individually? for instance… let’s say you notice some ACI but there are several networks on channels 4-7… I would want to see who is using 4, 5, and 7. but sometimes scrolling through (not sure what it’s referred to as) but the above section can be a… process.