Beamforming explained: How it makes wireless communication faster

Beamforming isn’t exactly a new technology (it was invented by Karl F. Braun in 1905), but if you’ve seen the term thrown around by wireless manufacturers and are curious about how it actually works, here’s a great read on the technology.

Is there a way to see the handshake of explicit beamforming with INSSIDer? I have the Netgear Orbit mesh solution and the question of enabling beamforming on the solution is an active one.

Hiya @stevefxp! I’m gonna try and take a crack at your question. Let me know if this answers it or not: With a MetaGeek Plus Pro subscription, inSSIDer will parse Action frames to specify actions being taken, like when a client sends a Beamforming Sounding Report to the AP. :point_right: Here’s the part of the inSSIDer 5 documentation that talks about beamforming. :point_left:

Does this answer your question? If not, let me know and I’ll investigate further!


Yes Lael…this gives me something to hone in on, as I want to see how many home devices use this.



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