Comcast resists call to open home Wi-Fi hotspots, cites potential congestion

The senators made a good point in their letter. Either having the Comcast-controlled hotspots enabled on residential routers IS disruptive to residential subscribers (which Comcast promised it wouldn’t be), or it is NOT (which should make it ok to lower the paywall to provide access to kids trying to do schoolwork). Sounds like Comcast might be, erm, oh shoot what’s the phrase… oh yeah, “speaking out of both sides of their mouth”.

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I’m a Comcast customer and have tried using these hotspots now and then and I have found the speed to be terrible. I usually “Forget this network” and use the carrier data. This has been my experience in both in the US and Canada.

Has the free xfinity wifi worked for others?

The conversation is focused on the performance hit on a particular residential user, which should be none if architected as they say. Their concerns are valid when considering the load on the network as a whole. as even a portion of their subscribers have free-loaders on their link then it adds up to a lot of traffic on their infrastructure. As it is, ISPs are reporting much greater network loads, so this added load is a valid concern for them. Who the hell is the govt to say what a company should give away?

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