Why Network Shape So Wide on hidden Comcast

On the Network Graph I understand a Network Radio is centered above its channel and the amplitude represents its loudness and each channel overlaps its neighbors.
However, there’s a hidden network emanating from my Comcast Modem on Channel 6 and the graph goes from channel 4 to beyond 11. Why so wide and why are there 4 individual radios shown in the Networks Table, all on channel 6, each with a different mac address?

See attached image of my InSSIDer screen.

Secondly, I wish I could shut off this radio. It’s not the Xfinity Hot Spot channel as I already have that shut off. I guess it’s something else that Comcast does.

I think I figured out what the Comcast radio is.
First off, I shut down the cable modem, I have a separate WiFi Router, and the Comcast Hidden radio disappeared.
The 4 lines in the Network Table are just different SSIDs for the same radio. It’s a 40MHz wide signal so it covers 8 channels given that each channel is separated by 5 MHz.
When I turned the Comcast Modem back on it came up on channel 1 which is better because my 2.4 GHz radio is set for channel 11.

Hi @pdommer,

Based on your inSSIDer screenshot, the hidden SSID are a WiFi6 80Mhz

Hi @pdommer,

I guess the hidden SSID broadcast by your modem are for the Public HotSpot of Comcast.
By default all Comcast modem are members of this HotSpot.

You can find a Comcast HotSPot with this link (maybe yours):

You can disable the Wifi HotSpot by calling Concast, or with the Xfinity App

I hope that can help you.